INSPIRE INSpiring Pressure gain combustion Integration, Research, and Education


Introduction and contact info:

Name: Nicola Detomaso

Work address: 42 Avenue Gaspard Coriolis


PhD project:

Title: Large Eddy Simulation of a Constant Volume Combustion chamber

Short description: The CVC chamber tested experimentally by ENSMA will be computed using the CERFACS high-fidelity compressible LES (Large Eddy Simulation) solver AVBP to assist the chambers design and to understand how to evaluate its performances. Consecutive cycles will be computed to investigate cyclic variations and understand how ignition interacts with turbulence, how the turbulent flame develops in these systems and the way to properly model these phenomena.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thierry Poinsot, Dr. Davide Laera, Dr. Florent Duchaine

Mentor: Prof. Dr. Antonio Andreini

Planned secondments: 

ENSMA Institute – 2/3 moths

KTH Institute – 2/3 moths 


In 2017 I received my bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering at the Politecnico di Bari and in 2019 I got my master of science degree defending a thesis done in collaboration with the DAAA (Aérodynamique, aéroélasticité, acoustique) department of the Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (ONERA) in Meudon (France). This work dealt with topics such as compressible aerodynamics, uncertainty quantification and numerical modeling. The milestones of my background are energetic systems, fluid dynamics and numerical simulation.   

Research highlights:

ESR1: Constant volume combustion and its reduced order model - ENSMA (FR), Supervisor: Prof. M. Bellenoue
ESR2: Experimental investigation of an industrial constant volume combustion system - SAFRAN Tech (FR), Supervisors: Dr D. Mejia
ESR3: Simulation of CVC combustor - CERFACS (FR), Supervisors: Prof. T. Poinsot)
ESR4: Experimental characterization of ignition events in CVC like conditions - ENSMA (FR), Supervisor: Prof. J. Sotton
ESR5: Control and impact of RDC wave direction - TUB (DE), Supervisors: Prof. M. Bohon and Prof. C. O. Paschereit
ESR6: LES of flow and combustion in a rotating detonation engine coupled to a turbine - CERFACS (FR), Supervisor: Prof. T. Poinsot
ESR7: Experimental investigation of rotating detonation combustors including ignition processes and turbine-integration effects - TUB (DE), Supervisors: Prof. M. Bohon and Prof. C. O. Paschereit
ESR8: Computational aeroacoustics of the exhaust flow for noise assessment and control - KTH (SE), Supervisor: Prof. M. Mihaescu
ESR9: Deflagration-Autoignition-Detonation transition - TUB (DE), Supervisor: Prof. N. Djordjevic
ESR10: Numerical modelling and optimization of cooling solutions for PGC concepts - UNIFI (IT), Supervisor: Prof. A. Andreini
ESR11: Experimental study of cooling solutions for PGC concepts - UNIFI (IT), Supervisor: Prof. B. Facchin
ESR12: Unsteady numerical simulation of the interaction between pressure-gain combustors and high-pressure turbine stages - POLITO (IT), Supervisors: Prof. D. A. Misul and Dr. S. Salvadori
ESR13: PGC power plant analysis and cycle thermo-economic optimization - UNIGE (IT), Supervisor: Prof. A. Sorce
ESR14: PGC propulsion application with part load and dynamic analysis - UNIGE (IT), Supervisor: Prof. A. Traverso)
ESR15: Full gas dynamic and exergetic analysis of PGC cycles with rotating detonations - TUB (DE), Supervisor: Prof. P. Stathopoulos