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Introduction and contact info:

Name: Gregory Uhl
Work address: Safran Tech
Rue des Jeunes Bois, 78117 Châteaufort, France

PhD project:

Title: Numerical analysis of the interaction between a Rotating Detonation Combustor and an axial turbine

A Rotating Detonation Combustor (RDC) generates a complex, unsteady flow pattern that would reach the inlet of the High-Pressure Turbine (HPT) in a gas turbine engine environment. The interaction between this flow and the turbine may have adverse effects on the performances and operability of both the turbine and the combustor. The objectives of this project are to improve the understanding of the aerodynamic interactions between these components, to identify the potential issues generated by the coupling between a RDC and a HPT, and to investigate innovative solutions to solve them. The work will be primarily performed through numerical computations (using AVBP from CERFACS), and it will probably be supported by an experimental campaign at the ENSMA-Pprime laboratories (t.b.a.).

Supervisors: Dr. Said Taileb, Prof. Marc Bellenoue, Prof. Thierry Poinsot

Mentor: Dr. Simone Salvadori.

Planned secondments:

CERFACS Toulouse (6 months, from 11/2021 – 04/2022)
ENSMA-Pprime Poitiers (t.b.a.)


Gregory Uhl graduated from TU Munich with a B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering and a M.Sc. degree in aerospace. During his studies, he conducted a variety of numerical analyses and experimental validations in the fields of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He joined the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines at TU Munich after his graduation to work on the optimization of a multi-physics combustion model, using machine learning models and genetic algorithms. In October 2021, he joined the INSPIRE-ETN project as a PhD fellow within Safran, ENSMA and CERFACS.

Research highlights:


ESR1 – Choomanee Runnoo: Experimental investigation of Constant Volume Combustion and its reduced order model – ENSMA (FR), Supervisors: Prof. Marc Bellenoue and Bastien Boust
ESR2 Gregory Uhl: Numerical analysis of the interaction between a Rotating Detonation Combustor and an axial turbine – SAFRAN Tech (FR), Dr. Said Taileb, Prof. Marc Bellenoue, Prof. Thierry Poinsot,
ESR3 Nicola Detomaso: Simulation of CVC combustor – CERFACS (FR), Supervisors: Prof. Thierry Poinsot, , Dr. Davide Laera, Dr. Florent Duchaine
ESR4 Maria Clara de Jesus Vieira: Experimental characterization of ignition events in CVC like conditions – ENSMA (FR), Supervisors: Prof. Julien Sotton, Prof. Marc Bellenoue and Prof. Camille Strozzi
ESR5 Provence Barnouin: Control and impact of RDC wave direction – TUB (DE), Supervisors: Prof. Myles Bohon and Prof. Christian O. Paschereit
ESR6 – Patrick Strempfl: LES of flow and combustion in a rotating detonation engine coupled to a turbine – CERFACS (FR), Supervisor: Prof. Thierry Poinsot
ESR7 – Hongyi Wei: Experimental investigation of rotating detonation combustors including ignition processes and turbine-integration effects – TUB (DE), Supervisors: Prof. Myles Bohon and Prof. Christian O. Paschereit
ESR8Thomas Golliard: Computational aeroacoustics of the exhaust flow for noise assessment and control – KTH (SE), Supervisors: Prof. Mihai Mihaescu, Prof. Anders Dahlkild
ESR9 – Roseline Ngozi Ezekwesili: Deflagration-Autoignition-Detonation transition – TUB (DE), Supervisor: Prof. Myles Bohon and Prof. Marc Bellenoue
ESR10 – Shreyas Ramanagar Sridhara: Numerical modelling and optimization of cooling solutions for PGC concepts – UNIFI (IT), Supervisors: Prof. Antonio Andreini
ESR11- Umberto Sandri: Experimental study of cooling solutions for PGC concepts – UNIFI (IT), Supervisor: Prof. Bruno Facchini, Prof. Antonio Andreini, Dr. Alessio Picchi
ESR12 – Panagiotis Gallis: Unsteady numerical simulation of the interaction between pressure-gain combustors and high-pressure turbine stages – POLITO (IT), Supervisor: Dr. Simone Salvadori
ESR13 – Abhishek Dubey: power plant analysis and cycle thermo-economic optimization – UNIGE (IT), Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Sorce
ESR14 – Sreenath Purushothaman: propulsion application with part load and dynamic analysis – UNIGE (IT), Supervisors: Prof. Alessandro Sorce, Prof. Alberto Traverso
ESR15 – Gokkul Raj Varatharajulu Purgunan: Full gas dynamic and exergetic analysis of PGC cycles with rotating detonations – TUB (DE), Supervisor: Prof. Panagiotis Stathopoulos